Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 30.

Day 30 is a Wednesday.

It was a week ago that I posted that over-the-moon video.  I was really over the moon.  I still am.  Mostly.

The good news is that Day 23 really proved to be the end.  I went away for a long weekend and had no symptoms.  I was a bit tired, but that could be attributed to Aunt Flo comin to town (sorry. I’m really sorry for that awful phrase.  But I wanted to say it wasn’t due to the withdrawal).

It’s Day 30.  I still have brain zaps and I still am a teeeny tiny bit nauseated but I don’t even really notice anymore.  I practically fine.  My irratibility is really bad but I think it was bad before I went on Lexapro, so that is just my normal state.  I mean, I got mad the other day when my salad wouldn’t get on my fork.  Yesterday I threw a pillow because a movie I made wasn’t exporting properly.  Meh.

The next post is not going to be a day run-down, but a summary.  Just because maybe people don’t want to read all of this and just want a blow-by-blow of what is going to happen to them.  I aim to please.


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