Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 22.

Day 22 is a Tuesday and is quite probably the best day ever.

So last night I got home and spent the night cuddling with my throw up bucket.  I had some apple slices and actually had to physically will myself to take my prenatal vitamins.  They tried to come up a bit but I pushed them down.  It was sheer willpower to take them.  (Sorry for the graphics.)

But today, today is WONDERFUL.  Today I feel great.  Yes, I am a bit nauseated but no where near what it was before.  Before it was as if I was seconds away from tossing my cookies.  Now I just avoid thinking about anything gross (thank you coworker who wanted to discuss eating crickets and rats today – sarcasm) and other than that, I haven’t really felt ill at all.  I even managed to get my blood drawn today – which I’ve been putting off because of the nausea – and I made it through fine.  Came back to work and kept on.

Let’s just all sing a happy song, like Mr. Blue Sky, because today is a good day.

P.S. I am totally expecting everything to plummet again tomorrow.  One shouldn’t get one’s hopes up.


2 thoughts on “Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 22.

  1. No no no no! None of that attitude! One should get their hopes up and if they fail, they will gain experiences to simply be better the next day.

    Also look up, always go forward. But that is exactly what happened to me. Suddenly, things were better.

    I still have mini zaps but I think those are gonna be there for a long time. I kinda laugh at them now.

    I also forgot to thank you for following my blog. That means a lot to me 🙂 I need to check my buttons to see if I followed you as well 🙂 I like your blog because I get to see in real time what someone else is going through like I am. You are not alone!


  2. Thank you Jim! Lol thanks for laughing at my bad attitude. BUT it’s the way I am. That way, if things go bad, you just are like, “yup, that’s OK” but you get REALLY happy when things are good! Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I’m happy you’re laughing at the brain zaps. When I explain the ‘electric shock sensations’ listed as a withdrawal symptom, people look at me horrified and I just laugh.


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