Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 21.

Day 21 is a Monday.

How is it Day 21 and I feel like this? I have been nauseated since I woke up this morning.  The dork bands do not seem to be helping.

At lunch I pop two pepto bismols – the chewable kind.  30 min later I still feel sick, so depsite the recommended dose of two, I take one more.

It’s 5:11 now.  I am feeling better but not GREAT.  I couldn’t eat anything, that’s for sure.  I am going to go home. Maybe the fresh air will give me an appetite for dinner?  I’ve only had two spoonfulls of cereal, and a piece of bread today.

I still have the sea bands/dork bands on.  I’m afraid to take them off.

My husband and I are going on a mini-vacation this weekend with friends for Valentine’s day.  Please, please, please let me feel better by then.  Please, universe.


One thought on “Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 21.

  1. I think my withdrawal symptoms are mostly gone now. I have mini headaches and mini zaps but it doesnt feel like the world is crushing me anymore because of them. I almost kinda enjoy them.

    Emotions are stabilized but I still feel easily irritated. Im brushing that one off as im naturally socially awkward. So it took me a little bit more than 3 weeks to go from 10mg to nothing cold turkey. The process wasnt enjoyable but im definitely happy with the end result.

    Its hard but anyone can do it. Stick to it and hang on!


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