Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 20.

Day 20 is a Sunday.

Today I am supposed to go to the store and get all natural makeup (from 100% Pure) with my friend Jenna.  We’re also going out for lunch.

The plan is to wear my sea bands and bring all of my over the counter drugs as backup.  Let’s see how it goes.

6:30 p.m.: Home from the store, and success!  I did the entire day without any pills.  The sea bands seemed to help and I chewed some ginger gum if I needed it.  That also helped.  I feel a little nauseated so I’m just going to lay down.  It’s the end of the day at least, so I’m going to just power through it.

Hooray for sea bands.  (I call them dork bands.  They totally look like dork bands.)


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