Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 19.

Day 19 is a Saturday.

I wake up at 8:30.  I don’t think I’ve ever waken up this early on a Saturday before.  I do feel quite good.  And hungry.  I guess long lie-ins are a thing of the past.  Which is fine, because I never liked the fact I could sleep longer than a dead person anyway.  I would wake up at 11, feeling like I had missed something, and more tired than when I went to bed.  I always felt it was the Lexapro that made me pass out for lengths at a time.  Now I have confirmation.

Today is my niece’s birthday.  I’m terrified of a crying jag.  Please, please don’t cry in front of family.  They have no tolerance for emotional outbursts.  Zero. Zilch. None.  Plus, only my mom knows.  My sisters would say, (and this is exactly what they would say) “Jesus, what is wrong with you.”  And of course they’d say it in front of my niece and nephew.

Which is why I am absolutely not going to cry today.  I’ve made up my mind.  I am also going to try another day without Dramamine.  We are going ice skating at 3, before the party.  Let’s all cross our fingers.


Well at about 11:30 I started dry heaving.  So I took a Dramamine and had to lay down.  At about 3 I felt better, but obviously had to miss ice skating.  However, went to the party, and absolutely did not cry.  (yay me!)

However, I was angry that I was still getting nauseous and unable to live without the Dramamine.  I mean, the whole point was to get off drugs. I don’t want to now be dependent on the Dramamine.  So, I went to this store, and did this.  Bring it on, nausea.  Bring it on.



4 thoughts on “Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 19.

  1. Jess,

    Glad you are sticking with it. I do hope you don’t cry today. Ice skating and no Dramamine???

    I’m on my third day of 5mg (down from 10) and haven’t experienced any side effects yet. I plan to stay at 5 mg for a month and then further taper to zero.

    I’m hoping to avoid side effects this way but am now taking fish oil, B12, and bought Dramamine just in case.

    Hope you have a wonderful time today.



    1. It sounds like you are doing it slowly, so that is good. Lol yes I guess the entire plan of ice skating without Dramamine wasn’t good. But turns out it didn’t happen anyway! I definitely didn’t have side effects until I dropped to zero. But you are tapering slowly. So you have to let me know how that goes. Then I can kick myself when I went through 3 weeks of nausea and vertigo for being too impatient 🙂


  2. After fighting the crying spells, I found out that they are so cathartic. If I have to do it in front of someone, I just tell them that I saw a sad movie or a friend is having a hard time, or I saw an animal die or something. I have even told folks that it is none of their business. Do not be ashamed of the crying. After a good unexplained cry I do feel so much better. I realize that if you are a guy it might be a little embarrassing. I have discovered that a part of my initial problem was worrying too much over what other people thought about me so screw them. If I need to cry, I will cry, with a smile on my face and let them think what they want to think. I think that means that I am getting mentally healthy again after 6 or 7 years of A and D and PTSD. Good luck to you and God Bless us all.


    1. You are so right, Mimi! I cried in front of my friend Jenna yesterday… and was like, oh well. It’s Jenna. She understands. And yes, it IS cathartic. I feel like I needed a good cry before and never did.


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