Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 17.

Day 17 is a Thursday.

I wake up and I am so proud of myself for going to ballet last night.  I feel better.  AND I didn’t need Benadryl in order to sleep. I guess the exercise helped with that.

At 2:00 today I had to take a Dramamine as I still felt dizzy and wanted to head of the nausea – strategy still seems to be working.

I will tell you, the brain zaps for me were minimal compared to the vertigo and nausea.  But I guess everyone’s different.

Other recent side effects I have noticed:
1. I’m a bit bunged up. (unable to go.)  Maybe this is a side effect of the Dramamine because I haven’t read it as a side effect of the Lexapro.  Everything has something!

2. My stomach is perpetually in butterflies, recently.  You know when you are really cold and you get the shakes?  My stomach/abs shake almost all of the time now.  Heck, I’ll take this over the vertigo any day though.  Plus, maybe it’ll help me lose more weight.  I still blame a lot of my weight gain on the Lexapro.

Mom is on Lexapro.  I’ve warned her about coming off of it.  I think she should come off, because it was our pill-pusher of a family doctor put us on it, but she is very trusting (often too much so) of Doctors.


2 thoughts on “Lexapro Withdrawal. Day 17.

  1. Exercise does make a difference. 4 days in a row im back on cardio and my situation is definitely improving. It feel as the worst is done. Talked to my doc yesterday about what I was doing (yep, didnt ask him first). He said if I can handle it mentally, he sees no trouble in me doing this the way I am doing. He then asked how was my anxiety since I stopped and I realized that I havent had a panic attack yet or anything. He simply smiled and said that it was awesome.

    Its becoming much easier here as well. I can start focusing again and the vertigo and zaps are slowing down. The world still feels very vivid (kinda like looking at a tv in HD) but I think it may simply be how life is ahaha.

    Keep going! You doing great!


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